Herders in Baringo welcome solar-powered borehole

By Benson Kelio and Christopher Kiprop

Kenya News Agency


Livestock farmers in Ngoswonin village of Baringo County will no longer trek long distances in search of water, thanks toconstruction of a new solar-powered borehole funded by World Bank and the Kenya Government.

Theborehole comes at the start of dry season when the herders face the risk of losinghundreds of livestock.

The Sh1.3 million Ngoswonin water project in Saimo Soi Ward was commissioned in last November by Livestock Principal Secretary Harry Kimtai.

It will serve a population of 1,150 people, over 1, 422 cows, a total of 8,631 goats and sheep.

Residents led by the project chairman Joshua Kandagor said that before the borehole was built, residents they would trek about 30 kilometres to Lake Baringo and other far distant water points in Sibilo and Chepkewel.

“Wewill no longer walk long distances in search of water for our livestock. We experience dry spells between January to March,” Kandagor said.

A team of officials from World Bank, IGAD and Regional Pastoral Livelihood Resilience Organisation from Uganda and Ethiopia tour the project in January and held talks with local leaders.

Kenya Country Team Leader James Tendwa urged the project committee to come up with rules to manage the water project.

Tendwa and County Director of Livestock Richard Bundotich encouraged locals to use the borehole for irrigation to grow food and earn income.

Bundotich said the challenges of the solar-powered borehole that come with inadequate sunlight will be addressed if locals write a proposal to the county government to help buy rechargeable batteries.

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